2 Home made anti-aging facial masks for that glowing, wrinkle-free skin!

Are you afraid to smile or laugh lest it highlights the fine lines on your face? But why bottle up your emotions when you can rein in the appearance of wrinkles instead? All you need to do is put your faith in homemade facial masks instead.

Need a reason? Here’s why you should find space on your dressing table for homemade anti-aging masks….

  • Homemade facial masks for anti-aging involve the use of foods, essential oils, herbs and other natural components to fight the ‘culprits’ of aging skin.

  • These recipes help in smoothing the wrinkles and preventing their appearance. They also tighten the drooping skin.

  • The nutrients, proteins and minerals help tighten the collagen fibers and improve the regeneration of skin cells.

 If you don’t know how to get started, here’s help! We have explored the treasure trove of Nature and come up with two special homemade anti-aging face masks just for you.

Recipe 1: Egg White and Honey Face Mask


  • 1 egg white: Helps tighten the skin.
  • 1 tbsp honey: Humectant which helps to preserve moisture.

    Credit Source:Flickr

  • 4 drops fennel essential oil: Smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity and helps to tighten the skin.
  • 4 drops sandalwood essential oil: Imparts strength to the connective tissue for proper blood circulation through the skin.

Directions for usage: Clean your skin before applying the mask. Blend the ingredients into a paste and apply it to the skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with tepid water. This paste can also be applied on the neck, forearms and hands.

Recipe 2: Egg, Honey and Yogurt Face Mask


  • 1 tbsp honey:Helps in retaining moisture.
  • 1 egg: Keeps wrinkles from appearing and nourishes skin.  

Credit Source:pixabay.com

The directions for use are same for both the masks.

In case of both the masks, here are a few…  

Tips to remember:

1.    Before applying the mask on your face, dab it on a part of your arm or leg to ensure that your skin does not react adversely to the ingredients.

2.    Brew a small cup of chamomile or fennel tea. Dip cotton wool pads into it and cover your eyes with them as you wait for the mask to dry.

3.    You must keep in mind that homemade facial masks do not contain preservatives. Therefore, it is recommended that you use up the whole of your anti-aging mask and make a fresh pack the next time you intend to use it.

For best results: Apply each mask once a week.

So, now that you have got the dope on 2 top-notch homemade facial masks to fight wrinkles, here’s wishing you all the best for a glowing wrinkle free skin! 

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